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Ardingly Court is a residential building of 10 flats located next to Woodcote Hall, half a mile from Epsom town centre. Henry Longley had lived at Woodcote Hall since the 1930s and following his death in 1956 it passed to his son Leslie and into his property investment company L. B. Longley Investments Ltd. Ardingly Court was built a decade later on the site of the former stables but Leslie sadly died a few years later aged just 63 years old. The 1970s was a time of cripplingly high death duties of up to 80% and by 1979 Leslie’s wife and children had to sell Woodcote Hall to help settle a hefty estate duty bill. However Ardingly Court was retained and today L. B. Longley Investments Ltd. is owned by Leslie’s son Nick and grandsons Rupert and James.


By 2015 Ardingly Court was 50 years old and it’s roof tiles were failing and needed replacing. The family decided to seek planning permission to create four new apartments in the roof space and permission was granted in 2016 and work began in January 2017.

ardingly court, Epsom, Surrey